LI – Roman Gossip And Another Picnic

Dear Journal:

I’ve had quite a ride as Caesar and seen things few other men have. However this last meeting had me flummoxed and mystified. How had the Judeans found out about the Ark? Only a select few had that knowledge, and I trusted every one of them. After all, they were all part of my inner circle.


What about the soldiers guarding the treasure room!? One of them must have leaked the information to the Judeans. Somebody was going to hang for that. Such a thought cut me to the quick and I realized at that moment that, in many ways, I was still the naive fishmonger of five years before. I had tried to rule with a light hand and betrayal was my reward. Guess I’d have to toughen up a bit and be less trusting of others. I’d talk to Brother and the Tribune about the matter. Odds were it was a case of loose lips in a tavern.

After the Ark incident, I decided that another outing was in order. Yup! The park again.

The staff rushed around gathering picnic supplies and whatever other gear that might be needed. The Praetorians checked their dice and cards, while the Tribune rushed about getting them organized.

The Wrinklies were either busy preening themselves and each other, or anxiously wuffing for us to get going. The Lady and Senator showed up, arguing, as usual. Honestly, I don’t think those two ever talked without trying to outdo each other.

Brother and Tiny were putting on their military togs, the Titan looking resplendent in his newly polished helmet (now sporting a black horsehair crest and tail) and gorget, while Brother was darkly magnificent in his new general’s gear. Armor at a picnic? Go figure.

Sarai was with Pup Two who was noticably preggers and occasionally wobbled a bit. One servant had a basket of . . . shudder . . . wooden plates. Wrinkly missiles. More fun. As for myself, I had chosen my old walkabout toga from the old days, glaring down any staff who tried to ‘fancy’ me up.

So off we went. The procession wound it’s way down the Hill, Brother and Tiny strutting in front. Showoffs. Once at the park, we picked a very secluded section and proceeded to settle in for a, hopefully, peaceful picnic.


Most of the Wrinklies immediately gathered about the food area to watch the meat being cooked, drooling all the while. Sarai was with Pup Two who had settled down under a nearby shady tree and dozed off, humming all the while. I was in a whispered and heated conference with Brother and the Tribune about the Judean situation. Tiny was ambling about around our picnic zone, looking important and official while the guards settled in for a quiet day of dicing and cards.

Everything was peaceful.

‘Way too peaceful.

Chapter LII

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