L – Roman, Titans And Roman Baths

Dear Journal:

It was some time after the discovery of that room that Brother, Tiny, and Sarai returned to Rome. Brother was somewhat miffed at me for making him miss the big legion homecoming, but his curiousity overcame his anger.

While the Titans were dragged away by happy Mutts and Pups, Brother, the rest of our little group, and I sat down to discuss what to do next. Exploration was our main agenda, however, how to do so safely was our main concern. The debate dragged on for hours, ideas being tossed on the table and just as quickly discarded. It soon became evident that safety could not be our primary concern. There was simply no way to ensure such a thing. After all, this was the unknown we were dealing with, etc, etc, etc.

Finally, needing a break, we all headed outside to the palace fountain to sit and relax.

Bad idea.

We arrived only to walk into the middle of a mob of curious citizens raptly staring at the huge central fountain. The reason quickly became apparent. There, bearded chin resting comfortably on the curb of the fountain and the rest partially submerged in water, was Tiny. Sound asleep. Wheezing, snorting, grumbling, mumbling, burping and growling, Tiny snored blissfully, unaware of the throng staring at him.

At the opposite side of the pool lounged the white shape of Sarai, also sound asleep and rumbling contentedly. We pulled up chairs and watched the pair of sleepers for a while, as well as the fascinated and curious crowd.

Occasionally, one of the watchers would overcome their nervousness and approach one of the snoozing Titans, hesitantly touching and lightly petting Tiny or Surai. It was during one of theses pets that Tiny woke up. A young boy was cautiously stroking Tiny’s nose when one of the Titan’s eyes popped open.

“Snaarze, rumble . . . huh?”

There was Tiny staring eye to eye with a very startled young man who had frozen in mid pet. Tiny slowly smiled and commenced to yawn. And yawn. And yawn.

There was that young Roman, still frozen in place, staring at the biggest set of teeth and blue-black tongue that the lad had no doubt ever seen. Or imagined.

Out darted that tongue and the boy was bowled over backwards by that titanic slurp.

Giggling, Tiny yawned again and stood up to leave his watery bed. That was when the fun began.

While the rest of us had been raptly watching the whole tableau, the Tribune had begun to fidget nervously. It was when Tiny decided to climb out of the fountain that said Tribune, eyes plate sized and panicky, screamed.

“RUN!!!” he yelped and tore for cover.

The rest of us were startled and bemused by the Tribune’s outburst, so we were caught totally by surprise by what happened next. Tiny began to shake himself dry.


There was a torrent of displaced liquid and the whole crowd, my group included, were drenched in seconds. The Tribune was behind us, dry and in stitches. Glad he thought it was funny.

As Tiny’s skin folds were, finally, writhing to a stop, Surai woke up and began to climb out of her side of the fountain. The whole mob, including myself, sloshed for cover.


I should have lived in Atlantis. There was more water on the plaza than in the fountain. Both Titans looked around at the plaza, the drenched crowd and, finally, at drenched us. They snickered and ambled off into the palace, dry as could be.

I can’t wait for our expedition!

Chapter LI

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