XLIV – Romans, Pups, The Ark And A Mystery

Dear Journal:

Yesterday was absolutely crazy.

It started out calm enough, with Brother and the Titans off on their homecoming mission, and there were no emergencies to take care of. That alone should have warned me. As usual I was sitting on the veranda, taking in a moment’s peace and enjoying the view of the city stretched out before me.

My peace was suddenly interrupted by a loud commotion in the outer hall, so I turned to see what all the noise was about. The answer presented itself in the form of some of the palace staff helping a limping figure onto my porch. The fellow was a Praetorian, although at that moment he looked like he had been the victim of Jupiter’s wrath. The poor man was scorched from head to foot, although he seemed to show no serious burn damage. His helmet was gone and his hair, what was left of it, was standing on end. He couldn’t stand up without help, and all he would say were disjointed mutterings about the Pups, a box, and lightening.

Uh oh. Box? Lightening?!

I was out of my chair and heading for the door before the fellow could even finish his mutterings. Rushing through the palace with a tail of guards and staff following me, I headed directly for the lower basement and our stash of worldwide plunder.

Charging into the room I was greeted to a most unusual sight. All three pups were sound asleep. Snuggled up to, and touching, the Jewish Ark. The room staff were standing to one side, shaking their heads in puzzled disbelief.

Nothing was happening. No lightening, thunder or other supernatural events were occurring. Turning to the singed legionaire (who had recovered to some extent) I asked a very pointed question. Had he touched the box although specifically ordered not to?

The fellow stammered out that he had been investigating a door behind the Ark, when he had accidently brushed up against the cursed thing. The rest, as they say, was history. I was about to tear into the man when what he said penetrated my rather thick skull.


What door?!

The singed soldier pointed to an area directly behind the Ark. I looked (without getting too close) and, sure enough, there really WAS a hidden door.

I ordered the Ark to be moved by it’s carriage poles to another vacant alcove nearby. The Pups had sleepily ambled after the box (giving me dirty looks in the process) until it was set down, and promptly went back to sleep.

Once the Ark was out of the way, I had the door forced open and walked inside. Oh my! The very large room was filled with what looked like thousands of scrolls, all neatly stacked and, apparently, arranged. I asked where this much writing had come from, and the answer left me having to revise known history once again.

Chapter XLV

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