XLIII – Roman Return And Family Ties

Dear Journal:

After our rather dubious picnic outing, it was back to business. After all, I still had an empire to run. The Wrinklies had had a fun time of it, but, others, like the Tribune, were shopping for safer headwear. I think the poor man was beginning to develop a severe case of Mutt paranoia.

Once back, I ordered up as many flat, wooden plates as could be found and placed them at one end of the Wrinklies’ hallway. Let the Wrinklies play there. It was safer.

Boy, was I wrong!

Shortly after this, we received dispatchs that the Britannia legions had reached Germania. There, the combined forces of both Britannia and Germanian Roman legions (plus civilian refugees numbering in the thousands) headed toward Gaul and the new Roman border.

Brother, of course, just had to go see. He wasn’t the only one.

As Brother, once again, headed toward the door, once again, he was blocked by the mammoth form of Tiny. Legion Mutt had his helmet and gorget on and was rarin’ to go. Brother, naturally, gave in.

As the two of THEM started to leave, they were blocked by yet another Titan body. Sarai. Mystery Mutt shook her head in the ‘you’re not going without me’ look and the two Titans commenced to argue. After several minutes of wuffs, ruffs, growling, and mumbling, the arguement ended.

Tiny lost. Surprise, surprise.

So, all three, Brother and two Titans, left together. As he left the room, Brother looked back at me with a resigned ‘why me’ expression. I had to keep from laughing out loud, as every pet owner knows how the Master/Pet relationship REALLY works.

And so, the chuckles and fun just kept going on . . .

Chapter XLIV

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