II – Journal Of A Depressed Roman

Dear Journal:

I thought yesterday was strange, today’s walk was very peculiar in itself. As I walked down my favorite streets to do my morning errands, the subdued tone of the day before had been augmented by a strange new development. People were abuzz about an incident that had occurred during the early morning hours.

It seems a prominent critic and playwright of the lower city had been arrested and hauled off to prison. His door had been broken down and he was grabbed without so much as a by your leave. I had read his last commentary blasting the Senate for being wishy washy under pressure from certain highly placed government officials. I thought intellectual dissent was tolerated in Rome. Come to think of it, this chap had been thrown out of a gathering at the Forum last week. Seems he wasn’t on the officially approved list of those allowed to be present at the Emperor’s speeches. It is of interesting note to some that our current Caesar does like to make speeches. One a day, as a matter of record. I think that our Emperor is a good and just man. I hope. It must be those of his inner circle who are urging him to make these constant speeches. I wonder. Is somebody hiding something?

As I continued my errands, I came upon a highly disturbing scene. A group of people were being taken away by the City Watch. When I asked someone near me, why, I received a strange reply. It seems these people had been pointed out by loyal citizens as conspiring to interrupt the Emperor’s daily speech. Conjecture seems to be the order of the day, as there was not apparent proof that such a demonstration was going to take place. As I watched this scene in confusion, one of the officers looked my way with a scowl on his face. Time to leave. Being arrested was not part of my plan for the day.

Somewhat shaken and unnerved, I continued my errands and then headed back home by the shortest route. I have to ask myself, what is this change that is occurring in my beloved city? I am confused. I’ve always believed that our Caesar is a paragon of Roman virtue and ideals. Why then these arrests and the aura of fear which hangs over the city? I’d better find out more, but carefully. I’m worried and a little confused.

Chapter III

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  1. Hmmm. Interesting. I like historical tales/accounts. 🙂

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