A message from Ye Olde Editor (and author)

Due to mostly health issues (Michael has sciatica) preventing comfort whilst writing and computer issues (Ye Olde Editor’s hard drive is in it’s death throes and Michael’s computer needs to play nicer with others) working on the story has been a non-happening.

Michael’s back is getting better (Yay!) and new computers – which will arrive (hopefully) on the morrow and be installed by next Saturday – are a-happenin’! Plus Michael is getting a Dragon program which ought to allow him to increase his production since he will be able to dictate his story directly to the computer.

Massive, massive apologies to those still reading our authorial attempts. I am not very good about letting people know what is going on in my life, as it always seems, to me, to be very boring. If you are still reading this alternate history, thank you. If you are enjoying it, please pass the word. Or leave a note. A show of interest will generate more production.

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  1. Ilove following the blog. My husband and I both love things like this and I got him hooked on it. I understand about illness and computer death. Grats on getting better and getting a new comp.

    • Thank you for your kind words and response.

      Michael is doing much better and we are picking up the computers shortly – it seems like the truck it was supposed to be on was caught in weather – and will be getting them set up on Saturday.

      Michael says: Sorry about the extended delay. Please don’t go away. Varus, Bert and the rest of the gang will be back soon. Guaranteed. Thanks for your patience.

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