XIX – More Confusion

Phred’s interpreting things for my confused mind helped some but, as Whitey said, I had no reference point to work from. While I could generally follow what he was saying (thanks to Phred), much of what the Seraph was talking about left me seriously confused. All this talk about other ‘worlds’ and such made no sense to my military oriented mind. Time to ask some serious questions.

“Uh, Whitey? What in the %^%$# is a ‘world’?”

The Seraph’s body language revealed patient pity as to my lack of knowledge.

*A world is the ground you stand upon. It is the sky above you and the wind flowing over you. It is all things around you. The touchable and untouchable. Just as the ground you stand upon is the world for all things you know of, so there are other worlds and those who live on them. The pin points of light you see in the night sky shelter those other worlds as the sun shelters you.*

I was a smidge closer to understanding things, but I was still kinda’ lost. Phred was doing his best, but he could only show me so much. I took a chance and made a huge leap in logic.

“Soooo . . . these fourth human types you’re talking about came to this world from one of those points of light?”

*Yes, although their home world was quite a bit closer than you might think. Suffice it to say that those people came here to make a new start and forget the disasters of their past.*

I felt myself a tad bit closer to understanding what Whitey was trying to drill into my skull. I still had questions though.

“Let me see if I have this straight. These other human guys somehow messed up their world, so they came here to mess up ours?”

*That was certainly not their original intent. But they brought with them their old ways of doing things. Plus, the entities that had been mostly responsible for the previous disaster were hidden among the survivors, waiting to force their will upon them.*

Alright. So far. I was starting to get the gist of things, and that gist was looming larger and larger in my poor abused mind. More Questions.

“Let me see if I have this straight again. The survivors escape from some kind of mammoth mistake and then brought the mistake with them?”

*Simply put, but essentially, yes. Of course they had no idea that disaster was riding with them. They had too many other things on their minds to seriously worry about any distant future. It is the fate of men that they forget.*

It was at this point of the conversation that my mind finally caught up with the implications of Whitey’s story. I tried to speak but my mind was attempting to shut down, so nothing came out.

I woke some time later surrounded by concerned faces and sporting a massive headache. Whitey was quick to explain.

*You passed out. That’s normal for those new to mind speak as the mind is new to the experience.*

I glared at Whitey.

“Normal huh. You oughta’ be on my side of this mind thingy of yours. Then you wouldn’t be so casual about it.”

Whitey stuck his non face in front of me.

*Rest yourself for a moment. There is still much to tell and we have so little time.*

Huh?! The fun was just getting started, as I quickly found out.

Chapter XX

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