LVI – Roman Decisions And Grim Necessity

Dear Journal:

I studied the people assembled in that room, trying to gather strength to make the decision that had to be made. As I opened my mouth to speak those dreaded thoughts, another voice beat me to it.

“I’m the one leading this expedition ands that’s all there is to it.”

It was my little brother. I wanted to shout NO but Brother’s glare held me silent. He could always read my thoughts and act before me. The sneaky s.o.b.

“I’m the one who HAS to do it. Nobody else is qualified Caesar and you know it. ‘Sides, I never could resist a good adventure.”

Once again all eyes in that room turned toward me.

The thing was, I knew Brother was right. Nobody else in the entire city was more qualified. Nobody. I wanted to throw a tantrum then and there, but I held my peace. After all, Caesar had to be the epitomy of calm judgement. Right?

@#@$#%! was what I was really thinking. I desperately wanted to lead the mission and spare Brother but, once again, Brother’s glare stopped me cold. Damnit!! He was still one step ahead of me!

Brother leaned closer toward me as my desk threatened to collapse under the increased weight.

“Forgive me Caesar, but forget what you’re thinking right now! You’re needed here in Rome to hold things together while I’m gone. Like it or not you’re the symbol of the new Rome. Leave and the whole thing collapses into chaos. No, don’t argue with me! You know I’m right!”

I sat back and steepled my fingers while matching Brother stare for stare.

“You’re right. You are impertinent. But, no matter. What I’ve been trying to say during your tirade is that you’re right. I can’t go, as much as I’d like to. Your point about Rome is well taken. I just don’t like sending you to your probable death!”

Brother nodded and sank back into his creaking chair.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back before you know it. After all, I’m not going far. Just enough to nail that murdering bastard and his friends.”

The rest of the room had been silent during our family discussion and they remained silent. They didn’t have to speak. Their expressions said it all. They hated executions and that was exactly what was being discussed.

Well, the die had been cast and only time would tell if we would survive to cheer Brother home.

This concludes The Roman View portion/book of The Roman View. The next portion/book is Titans’ Travels, which begins with Little Brother introducing himself in Chapter I.

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  1. I want to know more about Little Brother now.

    • Much will be revealed in his narrative. I think people will find it somewhat surprising.

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