LV – Romans Enraged And Options Discussed

Dear Journal:

The news of the massacre down below spread rapidly through the palace despite my efforts to keep a lid on it. The Praetorians were already on alert, searching rooms and out of the way niches for anything unusual or hostile. Brother was leading the search with all of the Wrinklies pitching in to help when and where they could.

It soon became evident however that whatever had caused the slaughter was not above ground. Best guess was that it had retreated into the unexplored region beyond the wrecked portal. That meant, of course, that someone would have to confront our monster on it’s own turf.

Not a very appetizing idea at all.

I called a meeting of my inner circle, plus key members of the Senate, to discuss our next (if any) move. My study soon filled up to capacity as everybody trooped in and took positions around the room. I let my eyes rove over my guests as I prepared to make my opening statement.

“Simply put folks; we’re in all lot of trouble. What I need are suggestions on how to get out of this mess in one piece.”

There was a course of muttering from the crowd until Brother dropped his two dracma into the mix.

“We’re gonna have to go down there and drag whatever it is out into the open so as to better beat it’s brains out.”

The old Senator sounded like he was about to go into a fit of insane laughter.

“You’re kidding. Please tell me you meant that as a joke in poor taste. No human being could possibly face that thing and live! I saw what it did to three companies of legionaires and trust me when I tell you that thing can’t be of this world! Hades! I don’t know if it CAN be destroyed!!”

His voice began to rise and crack as Brother broke into the rising tide of hysteria.

“I didn’t specify who was gonna do the job. I intend to find this ‘thing’ and get rid of it for good. Can’t have it roamin’ around killing tourists, can we?”

There were strained chuckles at Brother’s attempt at humor. I figured I’d better get into the conversation.

“No one is going anywhere until we know more about our enemy. Any suggestions?”

Silence greeted my request.

“Why do I have the feeling that the word ‘expedition’ is about to rear it’s ugly head?”

Brother leaned on the table which creaked under his massive frame. “Personally, I can’t think of any other viable option. Our hysterical friend was right when he voiced concern about our ability to kill this whatever it is. By the way, has anyone considered that there might be more than one of these killers running about? Kinda’ makes better sense that there is a group doing the killing rather than just one. Helps bring down the fear factor at least. Also, who’s gonna lead an expedition down there?”

All eyes turned to me.

Why me? Why always me?

Chapter LVI

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