XLIX – Romans, Rooms And Lethal Hallways

Dear Journal:

Leaving a squad of guards, the rest of us hightailed it out of there, back to the safe familiarity of above ground. Once back in my study we compared notes on what each of us had seen.

What we came up with made no sane kind of sense at all.

For one thing, that gigantic room had not been made by Romans. The style of architecture was unknown to any of my architects, who positively stated that the style of that room was unlike anything they’d ever heard about.

So there we were. Stuck with one beaut of a conundrum. If Romans hadn’t built that place, who did? Also, how had my ring opened that strangely shaped door? Plenty of questions and no easy answers.

While we puzzled over recent events, the Wrinklies had decided to go back to fun and games. Being the clever canines they were, the Mutts and Pups had combined their two favorite games. Hallway racing and plate tossing.

Unfortunately, we found out about their inventiveness the hard way. Some of us were strolling through the palace to clear our heads when it happened. We accidentally entered the Wrinkly Corridor during playtime.

Our first, and only, warning was a rush of air as a blur flashed past at incredible speed, missing us by mere inches. The Tribune, moving faster than I had thought possible, ducked his helmeted head and dove for safety. Then, on a cushion, zipped a Pup moving almost as fast.

The missile was caught by another cushioned canine zooming in the opposite direction, who then tossed it on it’s lethal way. We mere humans were caught in a doggie crossfire. Our group quickly stepped back out of that hallway (joining the rattled Tribune) where we could watch that lethal ballet in relative safety.

Mutts were cushion riding one way while Pups were simultaneously zooming in the other direction, both groups tossing plates at one another with incredible speed and precision. It couldn’t last.

Sure enough someone miscalculated with disasterous results. One Mutt and one Pup suddenly found themselves in the same traffic lane, headed right at each other. There was a wizzing plate between them. There was a head on collision which tossed both riders through the air to land on their rumps a short distance away.

What was really impressive was that, when the two pooches untangled themselves, they were unhurt. Also, both were gripping that same plate, staring at each other in stunned surprise. I silently prayed for Brother’s quick return, so we could get on with the, obviously, safer exploration of the unknown.

Chapter L

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