XLII – Roman Mutts And Deadly Plates

Dear Journal:

After the doggie snack incident, everyone settled in for a nice, quiet picnic. Old conversations resumed, while the Mutts, Pups, and Titans gobbled away at their meaty conquest.

Some of our fellow picnickers overcame their shyness; coming over to pay their respects and stare at the Wrinklies. A few of my old neighbors were even there, amazed that the stories they’d heard about the fish monger were actually true. Everyone congratulated me on my promotion and wished me great success for the future.

I was seriously tempted to pawn off my job on one of THEM. See how they’d like it! It was while the backslapping was going on that the SOUND was heard.


I looked around and, seeing nothing unusual (the Wrinklies were ranged about the picnic area for some reason), went back to my reunion.


I looked around again and noticed that Mutt Three had a flat, wooden plate sticking out of her mouth.


Pup Two suddenly had a wooden plate sticking out of HER mouth! As I watched in astonishment, Mutt Three turned her head and, WHIIZZ, off went her plate across the field. Mutt One, with a surprizing display of agility, jumped into the air and caught the flying plate.

Pup Two’s plate took off, with shattering results. There was a loud crunch followed by pieces of flying plate. There sat an embarrassed Tiny with bits of plate still falling from his clenched jaws. It appeared that Mighty Mutt had seen the plate headed his way, and tried to grab it. Once again, Legion Mutt had seriously misjudged his own bite power.

Sarai just looked at him and shook her head. Then, she grabbed a plate near her and, with a flip of her head, sent it flying across the field. Unfortunately, Surai had also misjudged her own power.

The plate took off at terrific speed, narrowly missing the Tribune, who had been bending over to pick something up. The wooden missile ricocheted off a tree (clipping off a branch in the process) and shot toward Pup Three.

With a loud YIP! the Pup ducked and the plate flew past her, imbedding itself in another tree. Surai giggled nervously and tried her best to look innocent. She failed. The Tribune, having stood up, looked at the damaged tree and gulped. He turned pale and checked his head for damage. Turned out he had only lost some plumage.

Meanwhile, Pup Three had huddled behind a rock and was peeking cautiously over the top. The Lady, Senator, and other picnickers stared in astonishment, while Brother was laughing so hard I was afraid he’d injure himself.

At this point I decided to cut short the rest of the picnic and head home. At least any damage caused there could be contained.


Chapter XLIII

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