XXXIX – Romans, Mutts, Pups And Sarai

Dear Journal:

It had been some time since the Egyptian meeting, and things had settled down, somewhat. Egypt had ageed to a mutual defense pact, and the new Pharaoh was almost obscenely grateful to me for recommending him for his new position.

News from the north was encouraging. The legions in Britannia, Germania, and the northern half of Gaul were set to come home, and they were bringing thousands of Romanized Britons, Gaels, and Germans with them. That would really be a sight to see. Wish I could be there.

We had decided to keep Hispania, for now, as a buffer against Africa. And so it went. Almost everything was running smoothly and on schedule. I said ALMOST.

I was still worried sick about Brother and his mission. We hadn’t heard from him in a while, and I was deathly afraid that Brother, Tiny, and their legion had suffered the same fate as the other missing legions. What happened next caught me totally by surprise.

The Tribune, Senator, the Lady, and myself were sitting on one of the palace balconies, enjoying the early morning sun. All six Mutts and Pups were grouped around us, mumbling to each other or asleep. It was peaceful and, almost, idyllic. However, my luck was about to run true.

As I said, we were sitting and relaxing, when all six canines bolted upright and stared at the door. At the same instant, the air was rent by a titanic RUFF!!! I swear, all of us jumped six feet straight up.

There, bigger than life, stood Brother and Tiny. Our joy was immeasurable, and our surprise and curiousity were just as great. Both would have to wait, however, as Brother and Tiny had an even bigger surprise for us.

Grinning a razor grin, Tiny moved aside to reveal someone behind him. It was another wrinkly Mutt. But what a Mutt! It was only slightly smaller than Tiny and the whitest white I had ever seen.

Brother began to explain. The Mutt’s name was Sarai, and she had been instrumental in rescuing the trapped legions. Yes the mission had been a success. How was later explained.

Meanwhile, Mutts, Pups, and Romans gathered together for a back slapping, joyous reunion. It seems that Brother had hushed everyone up to pull his surprise. I appreciated his humor, but I quietly pulled the Tribune aside and told him to have a long talk with his officers. No one should be able to sneak up on me; not even Brother.

But, back to Sarai. She had been part of the Judean contingent coming to Rome with the legions. Where she originated from, no one was sure, except that Sarai had belonged to a minor noble. How she got into the recalled group, nobody knew. Good thing she did, though.

As I have said, Sarai was slightly smaller than Tiny, which still made her a Titan. Beneath her wrinkles was a calm look, capped off with a small, enigmatic smile that she usually wore. The smile gave her an air of mystery, which seemed to say she had a private secret. That Sarai was totally devoted to Tiny was obvious. She never left his side, and cuddled whenever possible. It was also observed that, when Tiny and Sarai touched noses, Sarai’s eyes would briefly glow. Welcome another Mutt to the family.

As for Tiny, he was definitely leaner and, if possible, slightly larger. He seemed to have grown up on his first campaign. Also, his mind seemed quicker and more agile. Oh, he was still a bit slow and just as playful, but he seemed more reserved than before. Well, whatever the reason, we were all just glad to have them home.

Chapter XL

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