XXXVII – Roman Mutt And A New Look

Dear Journal:

Some time had passed since the hallway free-for-all, and Brother and Tiny had become joined at the hip. Wherever one was, the other was always around. So it was that the day came when Brother gave Tiny his special gift.

When Brother arrived, Mighty Mutt was playing with his family, romping through the palace in a furious game of ‘chase and catch’. At that particular moment, Tiny was doing the chasing, going from room to room as he hunted his hiding kin. Behind furniture and around corners lurked wrinkly shadows that moved away when Tiny got too close.

Also, unknown to Tiny, a squad made up of Mutts One, Two, and Three was sneaking up behind him. When they had gotten within inches of their prey, they looked at each other, grinned toothy grins, and spoke.


Tiny yipped and jumped about ten feet in the air. The Mutts snickered and disappeared around a nearby corner. As the rattled Tiny whirled around to investigate, Pups One, Two, and Three snuck up and did the same thing as their parents.


With an even louder YIP!!, Tiny was, once again, hugging the nearest pillar. Off dashed the Pups, leaving a confused and rattled Tiny to try and figure out what was going on. As Tiny trotted over to check behind a nearby chair, both squads of Mutts and Pups crept up one more time.

WWUUUFFFF!!!! With yet another yip, and a roar, the embattled titan spun around to confront his attackers. There they sat. Six wrinklies, grinning and mumbling their satisfaction at a job well done.

It was at this moment that Brother intervened. Chuckling, he scritched Tiny behind one ear in an effort to sooth his mutt’s rattled nerves. Then, from behind his back, Brother brought out Tiny’s present.

It was a helmet with a red crest. Tiny stared at it, sniffed it, and then, stuck his head in it. It fit perfectly. It should have, since Brother had made it himself and knew Tiny’s head size. Tiny also found out that, if he lowered his head to the floor, he could slide the helmet off. So it was that Tiny spent the next few minutes putting on and taking off his new hat ’till he had gotten pretty good at it.

But the surprises weren’t over yet, as Brother produced Tiny’s second gift. It was a massive metal collar (gorget) with Tiny’s name engraved in large script. Tiny practically gurgled with joy. Sitting there, wearing his helmet and collar, Tiny was ready for any situation that might arise. He had joined the Legions.


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