XXXII – Roman’s Giganto Mutt

Dear Journal:

The births of Mutt Three’s pups was a rousing success. With the other Mutts gathered around and myself, the Lady, and the vet present, it was a homey little scene. Four pups arrived in due course.

Three females and one male. The girls were two black and one tan. The boy was tan with black markings, including a black mask around the eyes.

The boy pup was also unusual in other ways.

One was size. He was born slightly larger than the others, which, normally, would not have aroused much curiousity, except for the other differences.

Where the other pups were soft, cute, and cuddly, he was cute, cuddly, and muscular. Very little baby fat. He learned how to walk first with a slightly bow legged amble that spoke of massive things to come.

When the pups first spoke, there were three yips in succesion, followed by silence. Boy pup looked at his sisters, looked at us, and spoke.


Waitaminute! Ruff?

This kid was a little different than the others when it was mealtime as well. He would wait until the other pups fed off mommy, then dive right in. He had to be careful not to bite, as he had more developed teeth than his sisters.

Another thing. His eyes had a feeble, intermittant glow to them that gave off an eery light at night. As soon as the pups were born, Mutt Three came out of her shocked state, and her eyes stopped glowing.

Wuff!!? was all she said as One and Two inspected the pups. It appeared that boy pup now had his mother’s strange energy. Didn’t seem to bother him in the least. In fact, he seemed to benefit from it.

As the months went by, the pups grew at a normal rate. Except for junior. He didn’t grow, he mushroomed. By the time the pups were halfway grown, junior was the size of the Mutts, and still growing. When he reached maturity, he was a third larger than anyone in his family, and his amble had turned into a slow, distance consuming trot.

At that point, I decided to name him ‘Tiny’. Tiny smiled with great distinction, showing off razor sharp, double rows of teeth. His body hair was courser than the others, and somewhat thicker. He even had a tiny goatee adorning his massive chin.

He was as wrinkly as the others, but if you looked closer, you could see the massive slabs of muscle rippling under the skin. Yup. Tiny was definitely different. How different we would learn as time wore on.

Chapter XXXIII

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