XXVI – Roman Caesar, Little Brother, and Mutts

Dear Journal:

What a night!

At some point I must have dozed in my chair, because, when I woke up, it was to loud wuffing. There in the doorway stood my other two mutts, escorted by none other than…the Tribune. Seems that worthy soul had taken it upon himself to go and fetch One and Two from my villa. And, believe it or not, they didn’t look mad at him in the least.

The Tribune still looked a tad nervous, which was understandable, given the circumstances. It had taken a lot of courage to fetch the Mutts when, for all he knew, they wanted him for a snack. When they saw him, that was their original plan. Midnight snack. But considerable gesturing from their snack convinced the mutts that I needed them. So, here they were.

Anyway, One and Two spotted myself and Three and charged.

And zipped right past us.


Seems marble floors are slicker than flagstones. The two mutts, looking very confused, tried to stop, but they had too much speed and not enough stopping power. Finally slowing down, they managed to change course and, slowly, ambled back our way.

The reunion was frenetic and the three mutts settled around me in their customary positions. I couldn’t have been safer with a whole legion surrounding me than I was with my doggie bodyguards. They rumbled happily and watched everything, and everyone, in that room.

The surprises were not quite over. The Mutts and I had just settled down, when an officer rushed up to tell me I had a visitor.


With all the people going in and out, Senators, Patricians, officers and the like, who could be important enough to warrant being announced?

The answer was immediately forthcoming. Accompanied by two guards, a cloaked and hooded figure entered the room and approached me. As it got closer, the figure actually began to loom over me.

Jupiter, it was tall!

As the figure removed it’s hood, I nearly jumped from my chair. Six foot gawdawful and dressed in armor, stood my Little Brother! He looked at me with a big grin, and did something that made my life a whole lot easier.

He saluted and spoke.

“Hail Caesar!!”

Well, it looked like I wouldn’t have to fight him after all! My relief was boundless. Seeing the play of emotions running across my surprised visage, brother grabbed me and hugged. I felt my bones begin to creak from the pressure. Putting me down, he noted the advancing Praetorians and growling Mutts, and stood stock still.

I waved everyone down and sat back in my chair.

” Quite a lot of nasty protection you have here Big Bro…uh, Caesar! Though, better you than me! Say… you weren’t thinking I was gonna’ come in and seize power did ya’? Perish forbid!! I’m a soldier, not a politician. You can keep the job! Hear the retirement plan isn’t so good. Nasty death clause.” He grew serious. “Knowing you, big brother, you got drafted. Right? I’ve always told you to watch your back, but you never listened. When your messenger showed up with the news, you coulda’ flattened me with a breath! I thought it was a good idea to check things out personal like. Well, I’m here to back your play, Caesar! I’m yours and you now have five legions outside the city walls to make your position stick!”

I swear, there was a sigh of relief from the whole room. Everyone had half been expecting Little Brother to make a fight of it. This night . . . dawn, actually . . . was getting better by the moment.

Chapter XXVII

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