XXIII – The Roman And Caesar’s Party

Dear Journal:

Caesar tricked us.

Turned out there was another way up the Hill, known to very few. We kind of figured there had to be another way when the ‘parade’ didn’t return. What we couldn’t figure out was why Caesar didn’t use that road in the first place. Must have been ego. The need to show off.

We sat there for quite some time and, when nothing happened, went back to our regular routines. The pets were very disappointed and looked sorrowfully down the hill. Guess they were hoping for the ‘snacks’ to come back their way. Some of them even went to the extremity of going halfway down the hill, hoping to catch a glimpse of dinn….’er, the parade.

Later, the lady came over and we talked a bit about the morning’s fun. Her advice was simple and direct. We couldn’t pull that stunt again. Circumstances had been in our favor this time, but Caesar had a long memory and could really hold a grudge. No one laughed at the Emperor and got away unscathed. Next time he came down the street, it would be with a small army, and, without the Tribune.

At the mention of that worthy soul, we both started chuckling. It took all of the self control we could muster to keep from going into another laughing fit, but we did it. Barely.

It was during this relaxing chat that I was once again reminded of my situation in the world.
As we chatted, we were interrupted by my guards escorting a lone, nervous personage. The mutts were right behind him, sniffing him over, but without any obvious hostility on their part. Just curiousity. The messenger bowed to us both and, handing me a scroll, heeled and toed it out of there as discreetly as custom permitted.

It was another summons. This time, to a party being held two days hence at Caesar’s palace. That old familiar chill ran up and down my spine, and I decided not to attend. There! Problem solved!

Wrong again!

When I told the Lady of my resolve to ignore the ‘invitation’, she pointed out that I had to attend. An ‘invitation’ from Caesar was, in actuality, an imperial command and could not be ignored. To not attend was bad form and could get one killed.

Drat! Trapped again. Well, better get out my best toga and prepare for what could be a terminally fun evening.

Chapter XXIV

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