XV – The Roman: This Is Really Getting Confusing

Dear Journal:



Hardly! I tossed and turned the rest of the night, still frightened out of my wits. I was so restless I fell off of the couch twice (I wish someone would invent a larger sleeping space) all tangled up in my blankets. By morning’s first light, I was so frazzled I just lay there and blinked.

Finally I decided that lying there wasn’t going to do me any good, so I got up and headed for the main room. It was empty. Except for one or two chairs, the whole room was empty! Most of the furniture must have been demolished in last night’s discussion. I was really impressed when I saw that the bloodstains of the night before had already been cleaned up. I wasn’t used to this kind of efficiency. I picked a remaining chair and was just settling in, when there was a commotion at my front door.

I thought ‘Oh no! Not again?!’

Fortunately, there wasn’t another attack in progress. What came through that door was a long line of servants carrying furniture. Lots and lots of furniture. I also observed that the furniture was a bit older and more used than the previous batch. Much like my personal stuff, actually.

One of the servants from outside approached me. He gave me greetings from the Lady, and explained that, since her troops had helped in tearing up the place, she felt it was only decent to replace the destroyed items. Also, since she knew my feelings about the previous furnishings, the Lady had called in some favors from other Patricians who had been quite happy to donate their older furniture.

I liked the change. I thanked him profusely and spent the rest of the morning arranging things to my satisfaction. Thusly satisfied, I settled in to read the news and relax for the rest of the afternoon.

Fat chance.

One thing I have learned, when servants gossip, listen! Such was the case when I heard two of the guards talking in low tones about an apparent scandal. I inquired of them and they seemed heartily embarrassed. I assured them that I was not upset, but could they please enlighten me as to their discussion?

It seems that a well known and respected Senator had been arrested after the Praetorians, acting on a tip, had found ninety thousand peices of coin stashed under the Senator’s villa. The loot had been carefully wrapped in hides and deposited, in small sections, all around the underside of the Senator’s home. That he had the money wasn’t the problem. All politicians take bribes.

The thing that literally cooked his goose was the disturbing fact that ALL of the coins had been minted in Parthia. It seems that this very Senator had been leading the opposition against the Parthian invasion. He was currently under house arrest where he would be tried, sentenced, and executed according to Imperial law. At least he would’ve been if he hadn’t slit his wrists and bled to death in his bath.

Well, at least he died a Patrician.

As for myself, this Nobility thing was making me more and more uneasy. I was once again reminded by circumstances how perilous a position I was in. Wonder If I could escape the city? Probably not.

Chapter XVI

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